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What you’ve heard is true. I am co-curating an exhibition outside of the Freedom space. But wait, just hear me out! It’s all in the spirit of collaboration, I swear!


Socks (2010). Cotton, embroidery thread, lurex. Mended by Grant Heaps. Photographed by Danijela Pruginic.


FOR KEEPS is an exhibition of ordinary objects made extraordinary by the efforts their owners have made to recognize, save, store, and repair – and our own desire to assign value and meaning in a disposable society. Some of the objects contributed include a 1920s dress, ripped open for an emergency delivery (and subsequently restitched), and a decaying teddy bear passed down and loved through generations. Oh, and socks.

If you come out for the opening reception, you’ll certainly be seeing some familiar Freedom faces. The reception will be thrown by WORN Fashion Journal, the independent fashion publication that you’ve seen on Freedom’s shelves. It will involve a mending circle, where everyone is welcome to bring personal items that are in need of repair and finally learn how to mend them. Sarah Ottewell, whose super cozy mittens, leggings and blankets are available at Freedom, will be one of our Mending Gurus of the night. If you came during her Designer Saturday session at Freedom two summers ago, you’d know how good of a teacher she is! Plus, Lisa Conway will perform later on in the night. You remember her from that one time in the summer when her and the rest of The Owle Bird crew played a magical set in our backyard, right??

This project also introduced me to fantastic new people! My co-captain is Jen Anisef, the gal behind the Toronto Craft Alert. The exhibition is presented by City of Craft 2010 and will still be running during the weekend of the fair. Needless to say, the Freedom crew and I hope for this to be the start of many more exciting collaborations with Jen and Becky!

FOR KEEPS features work by and contribution from Serene Daoud, Becky Johnson, Leah Buckareff, Angela Turner, Jacqueline Lawson, Mary Kroetsch, Alison L. Pearce and Grant Heaps. It also features photography by Danijela Pruginic.


Exhibition runs through Dec 21, 2010 at Cream Tangerine Gallery, 1087 Queen St W, Toronto

Opening Reception on Thursday, Dec 9 / 7-9pm mending circle / 10 pm L-CON


Not to worry, this doesn’t mean that I’m neglecting Freedom’s programming. Indeed, the next night, Dec 10, is the opening reception for Paperback Nobodies No More. The deadline for the submissions is TOMORROW and the details of the party will be officially released soon after. But, ummm… spoiler, Beekeepers Society will be playing at the party. You didn’t hear it from me.

Two awesome opening receptions, one night after another. Yes, of course you can handle it!!!

See you soon! -Marsya


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We got a ton of exciting things lined up in the next month. People are getting more and more into these that there’s been some super exciting additions. I’ve added most of these to the original blog post, but I thought I would also round them up into a list of awesome news:

1. Ah! La Lettre is gonna be performing for Jessica Bartram‘s Fascinatingly-Carnivalesque opening reception tonight! The Movement Fam and Hellaluya are now joining the lineup for our RENT PARTY as well!!!!!!!!!!

2.Remember how I said Broken Pencil is giving us a year subscription to give away at the RENT PARTY? Well, now we got WORN Fashion Journal and Momentum Magazine to donate some raffle prizes too. A gift pack from WORN and a two-year subscription from Momentum!

3. We got some interweb lovin all over!!! Here’s Plaid Magazine’s Pick of the Week, Broken Pencil shows support, and then there’s a shout-out from The Varsity.

4. We got a ton of awesome people who want to participate in our Paperback Nobodies No More. And with these interests, quite a few questions have been raised. Questions so good, I never thought of them originally, haha! I will be sharing these questions and their answers in a blogpost soon time.

5. Follow Jessica Bartram’s updates on her super hard work to put together the Farther’s Fascinating Freaks exhibition here!

A massive friggin’ THANK YOU to everyone who made these happen!

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