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Our first artist window installation is up! Photos are below, tell us what you think!


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Recently, the retail space next door to us that had been uninhabited for months was rented out. We were quite surprised to meet our new neighbours, especially because during those unoccupied months we often daydreamed about having an organic florist, a yarn store or a fair trade independent coffee shop to call neighbour. We didn’t really know what to think, we still don’t, but we, in true FCCcrew spirit, listened when various members of the community came into Freedom to voice their disbelief, sympathy, and objection.

We realized that most of the outrage actually stems from the colour and word choice of their window display and its lack of subtlety. So, we came up with a genius idea! We are putting a positive pro-active spin on the situation and see that this could provide a fantastic opportunity for artists to create a site-specific work to be used as this store’s new window display! We approached the owners of the store with this pitch and our reasoning, and they have agreed to view some proposals.

DID YOU HEAR THAT, ARTISTS???? You may very possibly be able to have your work as a permanent site specific installation that doubles as an adult video store’s window display, viewable at all times by the Bloor West traffic. This also means that when some art-enthusiast asks you, “Where could have I seen your works before?” You can say, “Well, have you ever frequented that adult video store on Bloor and Ossington?”

Submit some sketches and a written proposal (just a quickie, no more than a page) to It has to be flat and it must cover the entire window space. Nothing graphic, please – the idea is to minimize negative reaction while at the same time providing an aesthetically pleasing substitute for the in-your-face gear the store currently sports.

Measurements are two joined panels of 68″ x 115″ and 53″ x 115″.

Good luck, and have fun!! We’re super excited to see what you come up with!

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We are currently accepting proposals for mixed-media, site-specific installations to be displayed in our window.


The main purpose of this project is to provide installation artists an additional opportunity to display their works to our customer and clientele base as well as the general public. Each installation will be visible around the clock for a period of at least two weeks, with the artist’s name and contact information.

This project serves as an exciting challenge for artists in that their proposal has to reflect Freedom CC as a non-profit green cooperative that operates exclusively on a volunteer basis to support and strive for a more sustainable arts community.

Having said so, we do not encourage artists to place their set of aesthetics secondary to our ideology. Rather, we hope for an organic collaboration between the two.


– A proposal in less than 500 words, accompanied with sketches

– A list of materials to be used and methods of obtaining them

– Please note that all materials have to be environmentally friendly and that we strongly encourage the practice of re-appropriating used materials.

Please send in your submission package to with “WINDOW SUBMISSION – ARTIST’S NAME” in the subject line. Please include your name in the file names of all attached documents.

No submission fee is applicable.


Our window space measurements:

Height: 115”  Back Length: 88”  Front Length: 68”  Straight Width: 38”  Angled Width: 53”

Please feel free to direct any inquiries to

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