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Thank you everyone who showed their support at our opening night for Not Just Paper Planes. It was a delightful night!

For those of you who missed it, don’t worry! You have until July 4th to see the fantastic pieces by Lizz Aston, Jessica Bartram, Carolanne Graham, Nadia Tan and our very own Karen Carrillo and Jelena Pticek.


Special thanks to Lisa Conway & co. of L CON for performing for us. (For those of you who would like to be on their mailing list, just let us know.) Here’s a clip of their magical set…

<iframe width=”560″ height=”349″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

See you next time!

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We got a ton of exciting things lined up in the next month. People are getting more and more into these that there’s been some super exciting additions. I’ve added most of these to the original blog post, but I thought I would also round them up into a list of awesome news:

1. Ah! La Lettre is gonna be performing for Jessica Bartram‘s Fascinatingly-Carnivalesque opening reception tonight! The Movement Fam and Hellaluya are now joining the lineup for our RENT PARTY as well!!!!!!!!!!

2.Remember how I said Broken Pencil is giving us a year subscription to give away at the RENT PARTY? Well, now we got WORN Fashion Journal and Momentum Magazine to donate some raffle prizes too. A gift pack from WORN and a two-year subscription from Momentum!

3. We got some interweb lovin all over!!! Here’s Plaid Magazine’s Pick of the Week, Broken Pencil shows support, and then there’s a shout-out from The Varsity.

4. We got a ton of awesome people who want to participate in our Paperback Nobodies No More. And with these interests, quite a few questions have been raised. Questions so good, I never thought of them originally, haha! I will be sharing these questions and their answers in a blogpost soon time.

5. Follow Jessica Bartram’s updates on her super hard work to put together the Farther’s Fascinating Freaks exhibition here!

A massive friggin’ THANK YOU to everyone who made these happen!

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Help Freedom Spread!

click me!

Sunday, November 14th at 8 pm at The Piston (937 Bloor St. West)

Doors open at 8 pm

Freedom is not just a clothing store or a gallery. We have always envisioned it to grow into a hub for creative energy; a place where local artists, designers, musicians and supporters of the arts can come together. And not just to buy and/or sell – but to communicate, collaborate, inspire each other and create an organic and supportive community.

Join us for our fundraiser party! Help us to offer you more in our program of events, exhibitions and workshops. But most of all, let’s get to know each other and start the collaboration! Who knows what special things this could possibly lead to…

Of course, there will be awesome live music and a ton of dancing to spark some initial inspiration….the rest is up to all of us!

Invite design and illustration by ila & nika, our resident illustrators.

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Lowlands will also be joining the lineup for tomorrow’s opening! Their set will start at 11 pm.

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The line-up is finalized… and it’s excitingly long! Starting on July 23rd, our wall space will be filled up by prints and drawings of various sizes and styles by these following artists:

leyre arroyo abaroa
jessica bartram
dana de kuyper
craig macnaughton
laura mensinga
jacob rolfe
wilfred wong

The opening party is on Friday, July 23rd at 8 pm onwards. Live music will start at 10 pm.

In addition, attendees will get 15% off all clothing, accessories and home items purchased during the opening reception!! I don’t think there’s any reasons not to come now, is there?

Excited to see you,
Marsya, Mallory and Blair

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Just want to let you know that we are having a fun group exhibition of a WIDE variety of drawings and illustrations!! This will open on July 23rd and of course, we’ll have an awesome reception for it with live music and refreshments, so keep that night open.

Another thing is that we still have one more spot open! So, artists, do submit your drawings to


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Freedom CC is proud to present works by Wilfred Wong and Gillian Goerz!

June 17th – July 11th

Gillian’s paintings explore the collaboration between the acts of sharing and imagining the archetypal memories that mark one’s family history. These are juxtaposed with Wil’s watercolour drawings which, focusing on the everyday, create a connection with the fleeting – thus creating memories out of those that never make it to the photo albums.

Thursday, June 17th at 8 pm till midnight.
with live music performance by The Owle Bird at 9.30 pm and refreshments.
Free Admission.

See you there!!

– Marsya, Mallory and Blair

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