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We got a ton of exciting things lined up in the next month. People are getting more and more into these that there’s been some super exciting additions. I’ve added most of these to the original blog post, but I thought I would also round them up into a list of awesome news:

1. Ah! La Lettre is gonna be performing for Jessica Bartram‘s Fascinatingly-Carnivalesque opening reception tonight! The Movement Fam and Hellaluya are now joining the lineup for our RENT PARTY as well!!!!!!!!!!

2.Remember how I said Broken Pencil is giving us a year subscription to give away at the RENT PARTY? Well, now we got WORN Fashion Journal and Momentum Magazine to donate some raffle prizes too. A gift pack from WORN and a two-year subscription from Momentum!

3. We got some interweb lovin all over!!! Here’s Plaid Magazine’s Pick of the Week, Broken Pencil shows support, and then there’s a shout-out from The Varsity.

4. We got a ton of awesome people who want to participate in our Paperback Nobodies No More. And with these interests, quite a few questions have been raised. Questions so good, I never thought of them originally, haha! I will be sharing these questions and their answers in a blogpost soon time.

5. Follow Jessica Bartram’s updates on her super hard work to put together the Farther’s Fascinating Freaks exhibition here!

A massive friggin’ THANK YOU to everyone who made these happen!


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Jessica Bartram‘s “Farther’s Fascinating Freaks” is coming to YOUR town on Nov 12th!

Come and witness a MOST TRUE ACCOUNT of the Victorian fascination with hairy women, giants, dwarfs, conjoined twins, half-animal half-human wonders and overall THE MOST PECULIAR CREATURES IN ALL WONDERLAND!

Novelties never before exhibited, ALL WITHOUT ANY CHARGE!

Were they humans? Were they animals? Were these extraordinary freaks of nature REAL?

Decide for yourselves!

LIVE MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT will accompany this marvelous exhibition! Only available during opening night! THIS WILL BE THE MOST MEMORABLE NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE!

Opening Reception: Friday, Nov 12th at 8 pm onwards.
Exhibition runs from Nov 12th to December 7th

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