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Freedom CC Gallery

a non-profit Toronto gallery supporting local emerging artists

Shirt by Atelier B, tie by Handsome and Lace. Both available at Freedom!

Finally, the winning illustrations are revealed in our November newsletter!!!!

We absolutely love her submission because they’re not just about the garments, but also the Freedom atmosphere. For this exact reason, we’ve invited her to join forces with us for a little bit. We are happy to announce that Ila and her partner in crime are now officially Freedom’s resident artist duo. They’ve designed this and this for us.

What are they gonna do for your benefit? They’re gonna be producing a whole series of limited edition t-shirts. Just you wait. ‘Tis gonna be awesome. Put that on your Dear Santa wishlist. It will be something along these lines:

Ilona Polanska is an illustrator and graphic designer from Prague. She currently works and resides in Toronto. Check out her portfolio here!



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